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Pure Herbal Blackhead Removal Mask

9.99 USD
Instantly remove blackheads without squeezing or scarring!
This incredible mask adheres itself to the impurities in your pores - so when you pull off the mask, the gunk clogging your pores is pulled right away!
This peel-off mask combines modern cosmetics technology with pure herbal extracts from traditional Chinese medicine.

Ingredients include prized medicinal herbs such as wolfiporia cocos, white atractylodes, leonurus japonicus, Chinese angelica, Chinese astragalus and carthamus tinctorius.
These age-old herbs purify, moisturise, and youthen your skin, giving you a fresher, clearer complexion.

Package includes:
5 packs of Pure Herbal Masks

STD #0038
Fishpond 604x90